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Critical Difference for Women

Re-entry Scholarships


Re-entry Scholarships are to assist women who have interrupted their education, at any level, for at least two years and who intend to earn a degree at the undergraduate, graduate, or professional school level. Award amounts vary. Funds can be used for tuition, books, child care, or other related educational expenses.


Women who:

  • Interrupted their education for a minimum of two years
  • Can demonstrate financial need
  • Enrolled or intend to enroll in a degree program (undergraduate, graduate, or professional) at Ohio State's main or regional campuses
  • Preference given to those who are enrolled half-time or more

Selection Criteria

  • Financial need
  • Educational goals and potential for reaching those goals
  • Academic record


Application deadlines for scholarships:

  • The Special Scholarship Application for the 2016-2017 academic year should be available on the Student Financial Aid website beginning in August 2015.
  • Applications must be submitted online. If you experience technical issues, please phone Student Financial Aid at (614) 292-0300.
  • You must also complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the Special Scholarship Application deadline to be considered for this scholarship.
  • FAFSA application is available at http://sfa.osu.edu/scholarships.

The awards process can take up to FOUR months to complete. Students will be notified by Student Financial Aid by late June if they have received a scholarship for the academic year.

Scholarship Questions

Contact: Student Financial Aid
Phone: (614) 292-0300 Toll-free: (800) 678-6440,
 E-mail: scsc@osu.edu

CDW Scholarship Recipient Enrichment Program

Be a part of the Critical Difference for Women (CDW) scholarship recipient community! As non-traditional students, CDW scholarship recipients often cannot take advantage of programming geared towards a more traditional student body because they have family and work responsibilities in addition to their roles as students. The CDW Scholarship Recipient Enrichment Program focuses on making sure our women students have special programming aimed specifically at helping them build networks and succeed both on and off The Ohio State University’s campuses.

A variety of events have been offered to the CDW scholarship community including workshops on financial aid, writing and interviewing skills, and financial planning. In addition, RPAC study days with planned events for students' children help students prepare for exams. It's not all work and no play, though. To build support among the scholarship community, students enjoyed family days at the Harvest Festival and Firefly Play Cafe and evening events at Zydecos and Suite 143 to help students de-stress. To learn more about past events, go to the Past Events & Photos page. For upcoming events, check the Events page during the school year.

Thanks to the visionary and philanthropic leadership of the Coca-Cola Foundation, which provides seed money for the program, CDW is now able to reach beyond simply providing financial aid and offer this important programming to its scholarship students. As The Coca-Cola Foundation and The Ohio State University work together to propel CDW participants towards success, we are supporting future generations not just individuals, and we are truly creating a Critical Difference for Women community.